Battlegroup Pacific

Here at History to Wargames we are eagerly awaiting the release of Battlegroup Pacific. Rob and I have already played a few games using his lists for Marines and Japanese. We have also been using the Battle of Tarawa for our historical point of reference. The battle, fought over three days in November of 1943 was the first American offensive central Pacific region. It would also be the first time in the Pacific that the U.S. faced serious Japanese opposition to an amphibious landing.  On this tiny island, just above sea level 2,600 defenders were well-supplied and well-prepared for the 18,000 Marine on the attack. Rob based the Japanese off of historical TO&Es and French weapons from the Blitzkrieg book. Marines are based off of Overlord load outs and historical TO&E’s.  

Gaming a beach invasion is tricky work with lots to think about on both the attacker and defenders side. Most of our games have been big affairs too, with 250 BR on the Marines side at one point. We have since come down to 100 BR against 35 BR on the Japanese side. The smaller games make for faster conclusion and less stress on the players.

Rob has also been working on terrain! He has recently dropped bunkers and wrecked vehicles!

We are also looking forward to early war games too and my T-26s are ready to charge the plains of Mongolia to route the Imperialist aggressors.  

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