Festung Kholm

With Rob knocking out fantastic Pacific terrain I figured it was time to finish up my dug in Germans. I started these guys over a decade ago using Command Decision miniatures; these included half guys and foxhole impressions. At the time, I used sand and Games Workshop white static grass to dress the figures. I finished them using Vallejo Mud effects, GW’s Snow paste and AK Interactive snow balloons. I didn’t love the Command Decision miniatures so I used left over Battlefront Miniatures to fill in the foxholes.

My idea was that I would play a classic eastern front game where the T-34s come rolling over into the dug in Grenadiers. At the time I didn’t have the rule set I needed so the partially finished models went into a box to wait for a day when I did have rules. I think, having played a few games of Battlegroup that this rule set can handle the sized and scale I wanted.

I am going to put together three scenarios, something for early, mid and late war with the first focused on the Rzhev–Vyazma Strategic Offensive in January of 1941. To keep things in scale I wanted to focus on the Kholm Pocket, a small town encircled by the Russians for several months in 1941. It’s also an excuse to use my new T-26 too.

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