Two Battlegroup games!

One of my recent kicks has been to try and get in two to three games with one list; swapping out commanders but leaving everything else the same. Part of this is a little laziness but most of it is to try and really play balance the game.

The opposing forces.

I think most of you know sometimes a certain army or combination of troops can really dominate a game. We called it the ‘codex’ effect, when the newest products are very powerful; but with Battlegroup I haven’t noticed that and to test that hypothesis I am running list a few times.

The latest adventure was BattleGroup Barbarossa; this was my first adventure with this period. We have played quite a few early war Western Front games and plenty of mid and late war games on the eastern front but no 1941 games.

The great thing about Russians, for the most part is you don’t have a lot of changes in uniform and company organization between 1941 to 1945. Even the venerable T-34 is an option in Early War so the same forces can be used for multiple periods. Since I had been working on T-26’s and had those finished it was time to get them out for the fist and second time.

Both games went well, and the second game was fantastic. A real nail biter to the end but I was surprised; the Reds beat the Germans in both games.

More AAR to follow.

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