We play a lot of Late War here at History to Wargames Podcast and we have pretty close to everything we need for great games. But we are constantly working to upgrade our troops and tables. We are also always looking to add few flavor items and troops. For instance I ordered some tram cars and I am on the lookout for 15mm wagons to use as terrain. For troops I have Volkssturum and Hitler Youth troops on deck.

Volkssturum and Hitler Youth troops are specialist troops that capture the Late War flavor. They are only available in Fall of The Reich; Volksstrum as a platoon option and the HJ as support option. You can still use Wehrmacht troops, their uniform works for just about any period of the war but the Volksstrum and HJ troops wore clothing different from the regular army. Volkssturm were in mix of civilian clothing and the HJ wore dark blue uniforms.

For these guys I decided to base the entire squad on one base instead of on pennies and then fitting them into sabot movement trays. We have been playing with the idea of is it better to have individually based troops with slower movement or all the squad on one base with faster movement but more book keeping. With the size of games that we have been playing it’s importing to keep the pace up so we can get the game done.

Basing was done with a mix of crushed slate, some ballast and sand with some match sticks dropped on. I used the Vallejo Ruins & Rubble paint set.

More to come with these guys.

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