Origins Game Fair 2019

Another year and another Origins game is in the history books. I have to compliment Rob and a fantastic Battlegroup demonstration game and Plastic Solider Company for sponsoring us with box sets and sprues of miniatures. Total attendance for the event was close to 20,000 people and many of them walked by our table.

Rob’s Pacific game was epic in scale, no less than a fully loaded Marine regiment was in the water headed to Tarawa. Rob has set up 40 Amtrak’s and each one had a detailed load out based on Marine TOE’s from the period.  

The Japanese were well prepared with extensive fortifications and reserves for a local counter attack. They were also supported by snipers, AAA and possibly tanks.

The Maries were pushing 350 BR vs the Japanese 72 but beach landing are tough so the Marines need every extra point. The Marines were lined up in three waves with the option to send the Amtraks back to pick up more troops. That didn’t happen, it was a long ride back and the Marines were using every order on the beach. The Amtraks were each loaded with one squad of 12 men and a mix of support weapons. The support element included the regular option, machine guns and mortars and special options like demo teams and flame throwers along with officers and forward observers.

The Japanese beach defenses were made of infantry, howitzers and AAA. The also included a few snipers in the trees and some exotic guns Rob had printed up from Shapeways.  In reserve were 5 tanks but they never made it out bullpen. The Japanese suffered from a shortage of orders and the tanks attracted every low ammo, breakdown and mine strike counter the US pulled.

The American moved as fast as they could and had success on the left, right and center of the attack and established a toehold. They took heavy causalities and would have needed a second wave to exploit the gains. On the right the Marines were able to get onto the beach and wipe out the infantry hold forward trenches. In the center the flame thrower team and a small section of infantry were able to capture the center works after burning out the defenders. On the left the Marines were able to clear the sunken freighter but only with great difficulty and push onto the beach.

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