Advance the Colors 2019

History to Wargames will be at Advance the Colors 2019 and running our Battlegroup Pacific Tarawa Beach Landing.

For those of you who are not familiar with Advance the Colors (ATC) it’s one of our local conventions hosted by the Great Lakes chapter of the Historical Miniature Gaming Society. It’s on of my favorite conventions, small, but well attested and the host are terrific and very accommodating to gamers. We hosted 15 table Flames of War tournaments there way back when.

The event will be very similar to Origins for those of you who missed it with a few tweak to keep game play moving. Since ATC is geared to a historical gaming audience we are excited to see how they react.

We also hope to have some support from Plastic Solider Company again. They provided us with a few boxed sets and plastic sprues to hand out.

More information on attending ATC can be found here.

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