A Tale of Two Tiger Hunters.

With the release of Battlegroup’s Spring Awakening there is pressure to add to my list of “Beast Hunters”. These Hunter’s include the IS-2, SU-85’s, SU-100s, and both the IS-122 and the ISU-152. I am the type of gamer who likes to focus on the most common equipment, so I am lacking on the big tanks; I have only one Tiger II.

With Spring Awakening’s focus on the good Germans divisions, my hand has been forced and I been adding to my collection of big Soviet tanks. It’s also fun to indulge a little. I finished the SU-85’s and IS-2, but since I had picked up the newer plastic Battlefront boxed set and I was planning on magnetizing the barrels I though I would turn this into a little review and build post.

I believe these are the first Battlefront plastic miniature I have assembled but not the first 15mm plastic I have tackled.  Battlefront has produced a nice kit here which included five vehicles all cast very cleanly in thick grey plastic. These are defiantly intended for the gamer; composed of ten major parts, one piece tracks, and optional add on like fuel drums, commander and machine guns they assemble fast and have deep recesses to help add shadows so they paint easily and look good on the table.    

Below are the assembled sprue Battlefronts SU-122 and ISU-152.

Battlefront Big Cat Killers.

Again, kudos to Battlefront; there stuff is little more expensive but assembly is fast, instructions are clear and there are very few quality control issues.

Since I am doubt I will ever be fielding both 122s and 152s in the same list I decided to extend the usefulness of the kit by adding a magnets to the barrels to allow me to swap them out and turning one kit into two.

This conversion is easy to do; you’ll just need 15 small magnets and a little patience because you will need to make sure the polarities all line up or this might be more work than it’s worth.

To start, use the assembly instructions off the battlefront showcase page begin building your model but at step four stop for a moment and drop your magnet into the mantle.

Size of the magnets I used.
Drop your magnet into the mantle.
Magnets, barrels and mantle ready for gluing.

Once the magnet is secured into the mantle resume assembly but don’t glue in the barrel quite yet.

Presuming assembly is finished you should have 10 barrels laying around; to start, you will need to trim of a bit of the plastic so the barrel will fit, likely the key part. Then, make sure you line up the polarities, so the are attracted to each other and glue it onto the barrel.

Once this is done you should be ready to resume painting.

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