Operation Lüttich – An Overlord ARR

Continuing with our intrest in using ASL scenarios for inspriation we dove directly in the a historical module based on the battles aroun the village of Mortian. We have played several of the scenarios in both 15mm and 28mm with scessus. I hope to finish all 12 at some point using the Overlord rules.

Operation Lüttich was a codename given to a German counter-attack during the Battle of Normandy, which took place around the American positions near Mortain from 7 August to 13 August 1944.

The assault was ordered by Adolf Hitler, to eliminate the gains made by the First United States Army during Operation Cobra and the subsequent weeks, and by reaching the coast in the region of Avranches at the base of the Cotentin peninsula, cut off the units of the Third United States Army which had advanced into Brittany.

The full  12 scenarios designed by Pete Pollard depicting major skirmishes and battles in and around the town of Mortain can be found here: Mortain: Thwarting A Breakthrough

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