Battlegroup QRS

Most of you know how important a quick reference sheet is to keep a game moving forward and helping new players adapt to the rule set. For those of us that know and love Battlegroup we have all encountered the phase where we ask what the f….

To help with keeping up the pace and flow of the game the talented Bill Owen has put together his own Quick Reference Sheet for Battlegroup with improvements. First, it comes in two sizes, one standard and the other a pocket size. It’s one part flow chart with arrows and colors indication the process to follow for aimed fire vs suppression fire.

Added flow chart indicators.

Bill has also distilled quite a few of the rules, basic orders, artillery, and close assault into the sheet along with the corresponding page a numbers; which, is truly a master stroke. I would presume that one of the most mind numbing task in the publishing industry is building a index so thank you Mr. Owen.

You can grab the QRS here!

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