Most popular war games of all time

History to Wargames: Most popular war games of all time

If you want to simulate the most historic wars that have happened over the years, we recommend you try Wargames. With these miniature simulations, you’ll get to see the excitement, drama and action played out in front of you on a much smaller and safer scale. However, Wargames aren’t limited to realistic military simulation. Various titles follow the same formula but feature different themes. 

Here at History to Wargames, we offer several tabletop and miniature Wargames that range from realistic ones to fantasy and sci-fi titles. Regardless of which you choose, these tabletop games will surely keep you entertained for hundreds of hours. 

If you want to try this recreational activity, you’ve come to the right place! In this blog, we’re going to list down some of the most popular Wargames that have ever been invented. Whether you’re a fan of military simulation, sci-fi and more, you’ll find a game on this list that will capture your attention.

Dust 1947

Not moving that far away from the battlefield simulator genre, Dust 1947 offers a combination of military sim and futuristic themes. The game takes place in an alternate universe where the Second World War hasn’t ended in 1945. 

Fast forward to 1947 there’s still conflict between the Axis and Allied forces and there are now retro-futuristic soldiers on both sides. It’s up to you to command them and take out the opposing side and come out victorious! It won’t be a cakewalk though as you need to strategize well to defeat your opponent.

Several tabletop games may scare beginners because of their complexity. Thankfully, Dust 1947 is not one of those titles as it features some of the simplest gaming mechanics that will help you get your bearings right from the get-go.

As for the artwork, Dust 1947 features charming figures of both realistic and retro-futuristic soldiers. The former sports their classic uniforms while the latter are equipped with jetpacks and futuristic guns. Other figures on the board include tanks and mechs that are controlled by the humans inside them.


Fans of the steampunk sub-genre of science fiction will have a blast with Malifaux. This Wargame features a beautiful clockwork world where a battle for supremacy boils between soldiers and spirits and Onis from Japan.

Malifaux isn’t just successful in setting an ambience and establishing a world but it also does a great job in introducing new mechanics. Instead of having the usual rules where players can only move whole armies, Malifaux allows them to move one unit at a time. It may not seem much at first but this adds another layer of tactics and it can be used by players to play out their strategies.

The artwork itself is something you don’t want to ignore. Featuring beautifully crafted miniature characters, a colourful setting and more, this Wargame is a pleasure to look at from all angles.

Warhammer Fantasy

If you’re a huge fan of the Age of Empire and Civilization games, you’ll find Warhammer Fantasy right up your alley. Be transported back to Medieval times and take command of your army as you lead your kingdom to supremacy! Moreover, this game mixes in some fantasy elements by bringing in creatures such as gryphons, mages and many more!

Warhammer Fantasy is one of the first tabletop wargames that were introduced to the public and it remains to be significant after all these years and for good reasons. The game was under development for a whopping 30 years which explains why it’s filled with detail from the characters themselves down to the mechanics.

During the 3 decades of development, the team worked on creating a mildly complex battle system that isn’t that hard to learn. Once you get the hang of it, you’ll have a hard time stopping yourself from playing this game.

This complexity can be attributed to the different unit types that can be found in the game such as heroes, lords, rare and more. Each of them has a unique ability that can help you be one step close to being the victor.

Additionally, Warhammer Fantasy features a vast and detailed world that isn’t just fun to play in but to observe as well. From the characters down to the map itself, you’ll find beautiful art designs everywhere in this game.


If you’re looking for a more fast-paced and adrenaline-filled action game, then DreadBall is the perfect wargame for you. In this futuristic world, sports have evolved so much to the point where it has become deadly and it’s a fight for your life.

Played in an arena filled with lights and futuristic gadgets, DreadBall pits two teams against each other in an action-filled sport where they need to steal and protect the titular ball. The simple preface is dialled up to 11 by featuring moves that are considered illegal by today’s standards. These are called fouls and players can essentially get away with them easily as the referees won’t bother calling them.

To ensure smooth gameplay, DreadBall features a unique movement that involves the hexagons found on the board. With this feature, players can create a more natural flow of movement with their characters which can help them in protecting and stealing the DreadBall.

Kings of War Vanguard

Ever wanted to simulate battles that you see in movies such as the Lord of the Rings and the Hobbit? Well, now you can thank the Kings of War Vanguard wargame! In this excellent title, take the helm of the king and control your army towards victory.

There are various mechanics that you need to learn to properly play this game including the cards which can be used to equip your troops with powers and the command dice. At every turn, the players must roll the command dice to progress the battle and generate points. Additionally, these can also drastically change the battlefield.

One of the best things about Kings of War Vanguard is the artwork. Players will be treated with beautifully designed miniatures that range from horses to soldiers and the different fantasy creatures themselves. 

Aside from being a vibrant and lived-in world, the map of this game is also vast and it opens up the possibility for several strategies to be played out. As for the armies, each side is designed differently to be able to distinguish them from one another. 

What’s more impressive is that the designers did more than change their colour. Instead, they changed the look of each soldier to further show how they belong in different kingdoms.

Marvel Crisis Protocol

Step into the shoes of your favourite Marvel superheroes in the Marvel Crisis Protocol! In this wargame, get a chance to strategize using the larget than life heroes at your disposal to take down your opponent’s team.

People who’ve always wanted to see dream matches between their favourite marvel heroes are in for a treat in this wargame. With big names such as Iron Man, Captain America, Thor, Spider-man and many more, the possibilities of matchups are endless!

As for the world, it takes place in New York City. However, the developers of this game didn’t set this game in one of the most famous cities in the world just for aesthetic reasons as it also allows you to destroy terrains. 

During your battle, buildings and establishments will be destroyed which can alter the landscape of the game. Use this opportunity to strategize and defeat your opponent’s ensemble of heroes!

This tabletop game was already popular back then but with the introduction of the MCU, its popularity multiplied and it’s now one of the most famous wargames of all time. Whether you’re a longtime Marvel fan or not, this tabletop game is worth your time and attention.

The Walking Dead: All Out War

From one successful franchise to another, The Walking Dead: All Out War puts the formula of wargames and takes it to a post-apocalyptic and zombie-infested world. Whether you’re a fan of the comics and TV shows or not, you’ll surely love this wargame. 

The Walking Dead: All Out War will help you play out your strategy in a zombie apocalypse which we’re sure you’ve thought about once or twice in your life. This game has everything you need in a zombie-themed wargame including the world itself which is made out of broken-down cars, street signs, makeshift covers and more. 

Of course, it wouldn’t be a The Walking Dead game without zombies and it’s safe to say, this wargame doesn’t disappoint. From the models themselves, the zombies are designed realistically with their ghoulish faces and rotting flesh. 

However, the gameplay is also affected by these flesh-eating monsters as there are rules that involve you making noise and attracting them to your location. When this happens, you’ll have to change your strategy as you can’t risk losing your men on the battlefield. 

This adds a layer of challenge as you’ll have to decide whether or not you want to make faster moves that will make noise or opt for slower ones that won’t draw the attention of the undead.

Play these tabletop Wargames today!

These are some of the most famous Wargames that have ever been invented. They have received a following and are widely played by fans around the world. Each of them offers different themes where you can showcase your strategy-making skills. 

What are you waiting for? Play these tabletop Wargames today! For more information about these games, feel free to check out our other offerings here at History to Wargames.

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