Building Zvezda’s T-26

With the upcoming release of Battlegroup Pacific and really just needing them to complete my Soviet army I finally picked up some T-26s. The T-26 isn’t a tank I was excited about, so I didn’t want to put up the cash for the kit and never having owed and Zvezda kit I went the won the bid. I ordered them from a seller in Estonia who is on eBay, shipping was fast and the stamps were very colorful.

I must say, and I’m not a tread head, these are nice kits. Zvezda is not trying to make a detailed model kit in 1/100, looking at you PCS, so don’t expect a lot of details or complexity with the build. These kits are a single sprue with five parts. They go together fast and are ready for primer after sanding down the points where the part and the sprue connected.

I have finished assembly and these are waiting for a warm day so I can prime them. To paint them I have the Vallejo 4BO Russian Green 4BO Modulation Set. I can’t say enough good things about the Model Air line of paints. I’m not a great airbrush guy, but these paints haven’t failed me yet.

Stay tuned for more pictures when I’m done.

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