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Battlegroup Pacific

Here at History to Wargames we are eagerly awaiting the release of Battlegroup Pacific. Rob and I have already played a few games using his lists for Marines and Japanese. We have also been using the Battle of Tarawa for our historical point of reference. The battle, fought over three days in November of 1943 was the first American offensive central Pacific region. It would also be the first time in the Pacific that the U.S. faced serious Japanese opposition to an amphibious landing.  On this tiny island, just above sea level 2,600 defenders were well-supplied and well-prepared for the 18,000 Marine on the attack. Rob based the Japanese off of historical TO&Es and French weapons from the Blitzkrieg book. Marines are based off of Overlord load outs and historical TO&E’s.  

Gaming a beach invasion is tricky work with lots to think about on both the attacker and defenders side. Most of our games have been big affairs too, with 250 BR on the Marines side at one point. We have since come down to 100 BR against 35 BR on the Japanese side. The smaller games make for faster conclusion and less stress on the players.

Rob has also been working on terrain! He has recently dropped bunkers and wrecked vehicles!

We are also looking forward to early war games too and my T-26s are ready to charge the plains of Mongolia to route the Imperialist aggressors.  

Spectre Update

Almost done! The first section of the DEVGRU are almost ready for the table top. These guys were surprisingly easy to paint; at least once I got over my fear of Multi-Cam.

Maybe I never got over my fear of multi-cam and I’m not sure I even got it to look ‘accurate’ but it’s done and I am pleased with the overall look. I never could settle on a theme, be it desert or woodland so keeping with my ‘no place but any place’ theme I just went for a dark green uniform and tan webbing.

The guy with the map.

I did some reading on how best to achieve the multi-cam look on scale miniature and there are a number of ways, tooth picks, small brushes but the idea I liked best was sponge painting. This seemed like the fastest way to get the paint on and would give me the small and random patches of color. I already use the technique for wreathing too so this wouldn’t be a completely new experience either.

The base color is Games Workshops’ series of greens; starting with a shot of Death Guard spray paint, a follow up coat of a darker green by brush and working up to lighter hues from there. GW’s paints are nice because it is easy to move to one shade lighter just by looking to the right on the paint shelf. In between coats of paint I also added Vallejo and Mig washes of green and brown to add depth and definition.  Once I was happy with the uniform I started sponge painting process. Looking at a current US uniform I picked out four colors brown, a dark green, black and buff. It appeared to my eye that brown was the largest of the blotches, green next, the black and finally a few buff places. I added the paint in that order trying to keep with that pattern. I wasn’t that successful, but there is some variation in there and I topped off the whole process with a nice dry brush and wash.

To help hide the uniform from the eye and keeping with my theme of ‘no place but any place’ I picked Vallejo Green Ochre (70.914) for the web gear and other equipment. This is one of my favorite colors, it appeals to my eye and takes washes, inks and dry brushing very well. There wasn’t much fancy here, paint, wash, dry brush and edge highlight.

The rifles and faces were the same process but I used a dark color, wash, medium highlight and light highlight and finally a thin wash to bring it all together.

With the cammo crew done the next step will be to finish the ‘civis’ crew. These guys are in their tactical gear but with civilian cloths.

Battlegroup – Spring Awakening

We are eagerly awaiting Battlegroup Spring Awaking here. 

HUNGARY, 1945: The Red Army has invaded and pushed the Axis forces back west, driving them beyond the Danube river. Budapest is under siege and its garrison is fighting a desperate battle. To save them the Axis armies launched three relief operations. Unable to break through, a larger offensive is planned for the spring. Utilizing the last of the panzer divisions, Operation Spring Awakening will try to drive the Red Army back over the Danube and secure Germany’s remaining oil supply; without it, the war will be over.

• BACKGROUND A general overview of the war in Hungary in 1945 which is viewed by the Germans as their priority. From the siege of Budapest, through relief Operations Konrad I, II and III, to Operation Spring Awakening and the large Russian counter-offensive that would drive Russian tanks all the way to Vienna.  

• ARMY LIST Designed to be used with the Russian army lists already published in Battlegroup Fall of the Reich, this book contains two new army lists,  the last German panzer divisions and the Hungarian army, as well as alterations to the Russian Fall of the Reich army lists, to better recreate the battles in Hungary in the winter and spring of 1945.

• SPECIAL RULES New special rules to adapt the core Battlegroup game to the Hungarian battlefields of 1945. The special rules recreate the character of the armoured clash, with the last of Germany’s  forces, aided by Hungarian troops face the powerful Russian Tank Corps. All take place in the winter snows and spring thaws, in the largest clash of late-war heavy armour.  This book requires Battlegroup Fall of the Reich to use in full, including its Battle Rating counters.

• CAMPAIGN Six new historical scenarios in a detailed narrative campaign for 1st SS Panzer Division’s hard-fought assault along the Sárviz canal during Operation Spring Awakening.

28mm Modern

So it begins! Here at History to War Games podcast we are starting a journey into modern period. We are not trail blazing; lots of us have been doing it for years but it new for us. For me, the hardest part was deciding on a time and place; is it Europe, Middle East, India or the 70’s, 80’s or another time. These factors dictate the equipment, uniforms and terrain and for some reason there issnt much cross over.

A shot of Spectre’s DEVGRU getting geared up for priming.