Battlegroup Pacific

Here at History to Wargames we are eagerly awaiting the release of Battlegroup Pacific. Rob and I have already played a few games using his lists for Marines and Japanese. We have also been using the Battle of Tarawa for our historical point of reference. The battle, fought over three days in November of 1943Continue reading “Battlegroup Pacific”

Battlegroup – Spring Awakening

We are eagerly awaiting Battlegroup Spring Awaking here.  HUNGARY, 1945: The Red Army has invaded and pushed the Axis forces back west, driving them beyond the Danube river. Budapest is under siege and its garrison is fighting a desperate battle. To save them the Axis armies launched three relief operations. Unable to break through, a largerContinue reading “Battlegroup – Spring Awakening”

28mm Modern

So it begins! Here at History to War Games podcast we are starting a journey into modern period. We are not trail blazing; lots of us have been doing it for years but it new for us. For me, the hardest part was deciding on a time and place; is it Europe, Middle East, IndiaContinue reading “28mm Modern”