Glory Of Generals Free Medals

Experience the Thrill of War in Glory of Generals Mobile Game

Over 60 Campaigns in 4 Battlefields of World War II
Experience the thrill of war as you take on the commander’s role in over 60 campaigns in 4 battlefields of World War II. Strategize and plan your moves as you command over 102 world-famous generals who will participate in this war with you. Over 300 real and rich terrains will influence your strategies, and how you deploy your troops will determine your success.

Campaign Mode, Legion Mode, and Multiplayer Mode
Choose your mode of play – Campaign mode, Legion mode, or multiplayer mode and challenge yourself to be the best commander. From the Western Front to the Eastern Front, North Africa, and even the Antarctic Battlefield, there are 35 Legion mode campaigns to play. With the support of Game Center and Wi-Fi link battle, you can compete against real friends or global players.

Create Strategies and Build Your Military Force
Use your skills and the accumulated medals achieved through battles to upgrade your military facilities, recruit other officers to strengthen your force, and ensure your quick learning with the 3 levels of tutorial offered. Make the most of the 128 military units available, and 36 tactical instructions to create winning strategies.

Zoom In/Out and Auto-save Function
The glory of Generals Mobile Game provides a user-friendly interface, Map Zoom In/Out functions, and an auto-save function. You have the liberty to instruct any officer and their troop in the battlefield to battle freely. Cut the retreat route or encircle the enemy, smartly deploy your land, naval, and air force to seize your opponent’s key stronghold, and win the war.

Get ready to experience the thrill of war! Download and play Glory of Generals Mobile Game now, and show off your military prowess. Hone your skills, climb the 16 military ranks, and work with your 4 general assistants to conquer your opponents. You will not be disappointed.

How To Get Free Medals In Glory Of Generals Right Now

In the world of Glory Of Generals, Medals play a critical role in your strategic successes. They are the in-game currency that allows you to purchase advanced weapons and upgrades, construct buildings and train top-tier soldiers. However, the collection of Medals is not an easy task, and it often requires spending real money, which is not practical for everyone. Fear not, as we have a solution that will help you acquire unlimited Medals quickly and effortlessly.

Our Glory Of Generals cheats generator can provide you with free Medals that will give you a serious edge in the game. No matter which platform you play the game on – Android or iOS, our tool works seamlessly. You don’t even need to download any mod apk files or install any app store installs, making it hassle-free to use.

The generator is simple to operate – follow the instructions provided, and you’re good to go. You don’t have to worry about your location or username; the generator works efficiently for everyone. With our tool, you can enjoy playing the game without limits and achieve victories that you couldn’t before.

Gaming can be expensive, and spending money on in-game currencies can be frustrating. That’s why we offer our Glory Of Generals hack tool that can provide unlimited free Medals without costing you any money at all. We understand that not everybody can afford to pay for in-game currencies, and we provide an excellent opportunity for those gamers to enjoy the game to the fullest.

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How To Use Our Glory Of Generals Medals Generator

Are you tired of constantly running out of Medals in Glory Of Generals? Don’t worry; we have the perfect solution for you. Our Glory Of Generals Generator allows you to get free Medals, and the best part is it’s easy to use! Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to use our generator to get free Medals.

First, locate the “Get Free Medals” button on our website and click on it. This will redirect you to a new tab where our generator is located.

Once you’re on the generator page, you’ll need to enter your in-game username and select the platform you play on (Android or iOS). Make sure to enter the correct information and enable encryption so our cheats can start the process. Then, click on the “Connect” button.

After you’ve connected to the game, select the amount of Medals you want to receive. Once you’ve selected your desired amount, click on the “Generate Now” button.

As a final step, you’ll need to complete a Human Verification task. Click on the “Verify” button to access two tasks from our sponsors. Complete both tasks, and then refresh your game. This will ensure that your free Medals have been added to your account.

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In conclusion, our Glory Of Generals Generator is a hassle-free way of getting free Medals. It’s easy to use, safe, and reliable. All you need to do is follow the steps listed above, and you’ll be enjoying unlimited Medals in no time. So, what are you waiting for? Go and get your free Medals now!

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