Hatten in Flames

A Battlegroup Mini-Campaign

Because battlegroup handles historical scenarios so well, specifically Advanced Squad Leader (ASL) scenarios I thought maybe it could handle one of their Historical Modules too. For those of you who have never played ASL this is a counter and hex board based game developed by John Hill. It’s played all over the world and has an extensive fan base; along with deep historical roots but it’s a game that I never got into actually playing. I do have a large collection of scenarios and the Historical Modules to draw inspiration from.

US infantry advance to protect the guns.

The historical modules focus on a certain battle and brings in a map, individual scenarios and a campaign game. The campaign games are perfectly fine but for BattleGroup I didn’t like that players were award points each turn and then could buy new units. I want something fixed, like the players were an actual commander with limited resources and when they were used up, they were gone. The game I wanted to set up would only represent a few days of fighting or a morning attack and an afternoon attack. With that in mind I decided that the attacker would have a fixed list to start with, plenty of points to spend on troops but the number of units on the board would be capped by the orders. The defenders list would be fixed and tailored for the situation. As an added incentive to for the defender to play historically only surviving troops from the current game could be deployed on the table for the next game.

I considered several different historical engagements, Hatten, Kharko ’43, Winter Storm, Tannerburg Line but I went with Hatten. The battle has two things going for it, it was fierce, in one location and well documented.

For this battle the Germans got about 3600 points worth of troops, enough to make about a battalion of infantry with tanks support

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