How To Get 1960 In World Conqueror 3

World Conqueror 3: How to Unlock 1960

The World Conqueror 3 game is one of the most popular strategy games available on mobile devices. It provides players with the opportunity to conquer the world and expand their empires. One of the most sought after conquests in the game is to unlock the year 1960. In this article, we will explore how players can unlock 1960 in World Conqueror 3.

Understanding the Basics

To unlock the year 1960 in World Conqueror 3, players must first understand the game’s basic mechanics. The game is divided into different eras, with each era representing a particular time period in world history. To progress to the next era, players must complete various objectives and conquer new territories.

For example, to unlock the year 1960, players must progress through the earlier eras and conquer different regions of the world. Each era has its objectives, which the player must meet before being granted access to the next era.

When Can You Unlock 1960?

The next question that comes to mind is when players can unlock the year 1960. The answer is that the date in the top right corner of the game’s main screen must be around mid-1960 for the player to unlock 1960. This date gradually increases as the player progresses through World Conqueror 3’s various conquests.

Players can speed up the process by playing the game regularly and completing various objectives to raise the date faster. One day in the game represents 24 seconds in real-time, so the player should do the math themselves.

How to Unlock 1960?

Once the clock in the top right corner of the game’s main screen reaches the required date, players can unlock the year 1960. However, players must be actively playing the game for the clock to run. So, leave your phone open with the game running in the background while doing other tasks to speed up the process.

Players must also complete the conquest of the previous era before unlocking the next era. Therefore, players must complete all the objectives and conquests of the earlier eras before unlocking the year 1960.

It’s essential to remember that the game’s progress is saved automatically, and players can continue from where they left off whenever they return to the game.


What are the benefits of unlocking 1960?

Unlocking 1960 in World Conqueror 3 provides players with access to a new era, new battles, and new territories to conquer. Furthermore, players unlock new technologies and units that weren’t available in previous eras.

How long does it take to unlock 1960?

The time required to unlock 1960 varies depending on how frequently and effectively players play the game. On average, it should take a few weeks of dedicated playtime to unlock 1960.


In conclusion, unlocking 1960 in World Conqueror 3 is a vital achievement for players who wish to master the game. It requires dedication, patience, and strategic thinking. Players must complete various objectives, conquer new territories, and reach a specific date to unlock 1960. Once unlocked, players gain access to new technologies, units, and battles that provide a more challenging and rewarding gaming experience. By following the steps outlined above, players can unlock the year 1960 in World Conqueror 3 and expand their empire to new heights.

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