How To Get Mammoth In Glory Of Generals 2

Glory of Generals 2 is a real-time strategy game that allows you to lead your armies to victory in various battles. It has a variety of tanks, planes, and infantry units, including special units such as the Mammoth tank. Mammoth is a heavy tank with a powerful cannon that can deal massive damage to enemy units. It is one of the most sought-after units in the game but getting it is not an easy task. In this article, we will guide you on how to get Mammoth in Glory of Generals 2.

What is Mammoth in Glory of Generals 2?

Mammoth is a special unit in Glory of Generals 2 that requires specific actions to unlock. It is a heavy tank with strong armor and powerful firepower. Its 152mm cannon can deal massive damage to enemy units, making it a valuable asset in battles. Mammoth has a slow speed, but its armor can withstand multiple hits, making it an ideal unit for attacking fortified positions.

How to Get Mammoth in Glory of Generals 2?

Getting Mammoth in Glory of Generals 2 requires specific actions and strategies. Here are some of the ways that can help you unlock this powerful unit.

Complete the Campaign Mode

The first and most crucial step to obtaining Mammoth is to complete the campaign mode. The campaign mode consists of various missions that require you to lead your armies to victory against enemy forces. Completing the campaign mode will not only give you a better understanding of the game but also rewards you with valuable resources and units, including Mammoth tank.

Upgrade Your Tech Center

Upgrading your tech center is another vital factor in obtaining Mammoth. The tech center is where you research and develop new units and weapons. Upgrading the tech center enables you to unlock more advanced technologies, including the Mammoth tank. Researching the required technology will allow you to unlock Mammoth in the armory.

Collect Resources

Collecting resources is essential in Glory of Generals 2, as it allows you to upgrade your units and buildings. To unlock Mammoth, you need to have sufficient resources, including oil, steel, and aluminum. These resources can be collected by completing missions, attacking enemy bases, and trading with other players.

Win Battles and Conquer Lands

Winning battles and conquering lands is another way to obtain the Mammoth tank. The more battles you win, the more resources and rewards you receive. Winning battles can also help you advance in the game, enabling you to unlock more advanced technologies and units. Conquering lands also increases your income, allowing you to collect more resources and invest in new units.

Unlock the Mammoth in the Armory

Once you have completed the campaign mode, upgraded your tech center, collected resources, and won battles, you can unlock the Mammoth tank in the armory. To unlock the Mammoth, you need to have researched the required technology and have sufficient resources. Once unlocked, you can purchase the Mammoth tank using resources and add it to your arsenal.


Can Mammoth be Obtained in Multiplayer Mode?

No, Mammoth can only be obtained through singleplayer mode. Multiplayer mode is for PvP battles, and the units used in multiplayer mode are limited to the ones you have unlocked in singleplayer mode.

What are the Best Battles to Win to Collect Resources?

The best battles to win depend on the type of resources you need. Attacking enemy bases and collecting loot is an excellent way to get resources such as oil, steel, and aluminum. Fighting against opposing armies in campaign mode or conquering enemy lands is a great way to collect gold and command points.

What are the Other Special Units in Glory of Generals 2?

Aside from Mammoth, Glory of Generals 2 has other unique units such as the Stealth bomber, the Super Heavy tank, and the Tesla tank. These units require specific actions to unlock, just like the Mammoth.


Obtaining the Mammoth tank in Glory of Generals 2 requires hard work and dedication. Completing the campaign mode, upgrading your tech center, and collecting resources and rewards are essential in unlocking this powerful unit. Winning battles and conquering lands also plays a vital role in adding Mammoth to your arsenal. By following these steps and strategies, you can unlock Mammoth and lead your armies to victory.

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