How To Get Princess In European War 6

European War 6 is a popular strategy war game with incredible features and a stunning interface. One of the features that thrill players the most is the Princesses. In the game, Princesses play an essential role in the fights, battles, and conquests. By upgrading them, players can make them more powerful and useful.

Princesses in European War 6 are not easy to come by. Players must work hard to acquire them. It takes patience, strategy, and dedication to obtain a princess. In this article, we will discuss how to get princesses in European War 6.

What are Princesses in European War 6?

Princesses in European War 6 are female leaders who come from different countries and have unique skills. Players can use princesses in battles, allies, or conquer different countries. Each princess has a specific skillset that can be upgraded using tulips.

Tulips are essential in the game as they represent the currency that is used to upgrade, purchase or unlock princesses. However, tulips’ acquisition is limited; therefore, players must use them wisely.

How to Get Princesses in European War 6

Getting a princess in European War 6 can be a challenging task, but it is not impossible. Here are different ways to acquire a princess in the game:

1. Conquest

One way to get a princess is to conquer a specific country that has one. However, this is not always easy as players must face a strong battle system that makes winning challenging. The country must have a prince or princess in the system to be able to conquer and obtain them.

Once a player has conquered a principality, they can use it to produce tulips, which can be used to upgrade the princesses’ skills. This conquest method is strategic and requires patience but can be rewarding.

2. Random Event

Another way to acquire a princess is through random events. Random events could happen any time during the game; it could be a war-torn country seeking an alliance or a princess seeking protection from another country.

Here, players must make specific choices during the interaction with the event to be able to obtain the princess promised. However, these events are not guaranteed and happen quite seldom.

3. Purchase with Real Money

In European War 6, players have an option to purchase a princess using real money. This method is relatively simple and easy; players must click on the in-game purchase option and select the princess they want.

Although it is an effortless method, it could prove costly as the rates differ depending on the princess’s rarity. Players must weigh the pros and cons before choosing this method.

4. Chests and Card Draw

Players can obtain princesses through the in-game draw or card system. Chests are opened using gems or diamonds collected during the game, and cards are earned by completing specific tasks.

This method is random and mostly based on luck and might take time to get a princess. However, it is a free method and therefore budget-friendly.

How to Upgrade Princesses in European War 6

Once a princess is obtained, upgrading her should be the next priority. Here are different methods of upgrading princesses:

1. Tulips

Tulips are the primary currency used for upgrading princesses in European War 6. Players must collect as many tulips as they can to upgrade the princess’ skills. Tulips are earned by producing them through conquered countries and getting them through random events.

2. Experience Points (XP)

In battles, princesses earn experience points that can be used to level up their skills. The more battles a princess wins, the higher experience points they receive. This method is efficient and cost-effective.

3. Gems & Diamonds

Gems and diamonds can be used to speed up the process of upgrading princesses. This upgrade method is, however, costly as players must purchase gems and diamonds with real money.


What is the importance of Princesses in European War 6?

Princesses play an essential role in the war strategy game. They can be used in battles, allies, or the conquest of different countries. They are essential to win battles and conquer countries.

Can one purchase more than one princess?

Yes. A player can purchase more than one princess using real money provided they can afford it.

What happens when my princess is defeated in battle?

When a princess is defeated in battle, they lose all the points earned during the battle. It is essential to upgrade the princess’s skills to avoid defeat and ensure success in battles and conquests.

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