How To Get Rommel In World Conqueror 4

How to Add Rommel to Your World Conqueror 4

If you’re a World Conqueror 4 player who’s looking to add Rommel to your army, you may be wondering how to go about doing it. Getting Rommel isn’t just a simple feat – you’ll have to complete missions, conquer plenty of territories, and invest real money. Here’s what you need to know about adding Rommel to your army in World Conqueror 4.

Complete the Missions

The first step towards getting Rommel is completing the missions that the game sets you. These challenging tasks typically involve conquering specific territories or defeating certain enemy generals. Once you complete a mission, you’ll be rewarded with discounts on Rommel’s purchase price, with the final discount taking care of 40% of the total cost.

Focus on Other Powerful Generals

Before attempting to get Rommel, it’s important to remember that he’s not the only powerful general in the game. It’s suggested that players first work on unlocking other strong generals like Messe, Leeb, or Guderian. Messe is particularly helpful during the early game while Leeb is an artillery expert who can make your army nearly invincible. Guderian, on the other hand, is known to be the best general in the game, with unmatched speed and attack power.

Upgrade Your Tanks and Take Advantage of Cold War Tech

If you want to succeed in the Rommel 40% mission, it’s important to upgrade your tanks and take advantage of Cold War tech. Super and heavy tanks work particularly well and you’ll also want to have a few solid tank generals on your side. Red Guderian, Konev, Messe, Rundstedt, and Dowding are all good options, and it’s also helpful to have two other generals with the rumor skill. You’ll need these powerful tanks to defeat Montgomery and Alexander, two enemy generals with 900 and 1000 hp, respectively.

Clear the Middle Area First

Once you’re ready to take on the Rommel 40% mission, your first task should be to clear the middle area of bunkers and tanks. Focus your heavy and super tanks on taking out these targets while avoiding Montgomery who’s in the middle of the map. Once AI Rommel wipes out the bottom area, shift your units towards the bottom and use medium tanks to snipe the city for extra gold.

Surround and Stun Your Enemies

To capture the northern city, you’ll need to surround Montgomery and the other general with all your tanks. Use rumor stun to keep them at bay and airborne troops to trigger enemy aggro. When you move all your tanks to surround Montgomery, send one airborne trooper within range of all the rockets, artillery, and Montgomery himself. The enemy AI likes to target airborne troops which can help reduce damage on your tanks.

Use Paratrooper Spam to Trigger Aggro

Once you clear Montgomery, it’s time to go after the other general. Use fighters to weaken the super rocket near the north enemy general and repeat the surround tactic while using paratrooper spam to trigger aggro on the enemy. Remember to pray that your rumor on Konev/Guderian triggers!


Getting Rommel in World Conqueror 4 isn’t easy, but it’s certainly possible with the right strategy and a powerful army. Upgrade your tanks, complete missions, and take advantage of powerful generals to succeed in the Rommel 40% mission. Remember to focus on clearing the middle area first, surround and stun your enemies, and use paratrooper spam to trigger aggro. With these tips in mind, you’ll be well on your way to adding Rommel to your army and becoming a conqueror in the game.

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