Island War

Conquer the Sea and Rule the Islands in Island War

Are you ready to set sail and become the ultimate ruler of the sea? In Island War, you can do just that! The world as we know it has been shattered by a mysterious power, leaving countless islands scattered across the ocean. In this exciting mobile game, you can become a pirate, conqueror, and defender all at once. Gather your clan and rise to the top by attacking and raiding other islands, fortifying your own, and building your army with magic-wielding wizards, archers, and sea monsters. But be warned, in this game, a hunter can become the prey in an instant, and even the strongest fortress can be turned to rubble with just the right tactics. Will you be the one to rule the sea?

Play with Millions of Players – Join millions of other players from all over the world and take part in expeditions to raid and loot other islands. The biggest loot is always waiting for you on the next expedition.

Build Your Fortress and Seize Resources – Attack others and seize precious resources to upgrade your island and fortify it into an impenetrable fortress. Defend your territory from offenders.

Explore the Unknown and Command Your Troops – Discover new troops like wizards, archers, sea monsters, and ancient dragons to command under your leadership. Explore unknown places in the sea and conquer new territories.

Cooperate and Become a New Power – Cooperate with other captains and clan mates to become a new power in the sea and perform cooperative tasks.

This is an online game that requires a stable network connection for normal gameplay. Download Island War today and embark on a thrilling adventure to conquer the sea and rule the islands!

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