Sharp Practice – Skirmish in the age of muskets.

Sharp Practice covers skirmish combat in the age of muskets; with a  focus on the heroic acts of the force leaders who inspire their men on to victory.

Primarily played with 28mm miniatures; almost any sized of solider can be used with out any trouble. Games can range from 40 to 60 men per side and occasionally up to 100 preside for the very bold.

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The rules are in their second edition and streamlined for faster play which sees action joined almost from the outset and a command and control system which keeps you focused on making the big decisions while the simple yet subtle rules keep the game flowing.

The rules cover the period 1700 to 1865, almost 200 of history. This provides the player the ability to field any force using the socket bayonet and and the rule set includes Army Lists for the French Indian War, the American War of Independence, the Peninsular War, the American Civil War and the Indian Mutiny.

You can see more at Two Fat Lardies.

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