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Battlegroup Pacific

Rob’s Pacific collection continues to grow with the addition of new landing boats.

The boats were painted by him and are a collection of BattleFront and Gaming Models.

Rob has a massive collection of both 15mm and 28mm focused on the Marines fighting in the island campaigns. We have played several games in both scales and

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28mm Modern

So it begins! Here at History to War Games podcast we are starting a journey into modern period. We are not trail blazing; lots of us have been doing it for years but it new for us. For me, the hardest part was deciding on a time and place; is it Europe, Middle East, India or the 70’s, 80’s or another time. These factors dictate the equipment, uniforms and terrain and for some reason there issnt much cross over.

A shot of Spectre’s DEVGRU getting geared up for priming.