I have been wanting to add some more flavor to my late war Germans since I am finally in a place where most of the core stuff is done. My current Germans fit pretty well for just about any period I want to game. We have also been playing a little more Late War and one of the options for the Germans in Volksstrum and Hitler Youth tank hunters. The Volksstrum and HJ troops were pushed into combat roles in late in 1944 and severed with various level of effectiveness on both Fronts. I also noticed that both products were also no longer available on the web store and that added a certain urgency to me adding them my collection.

Cleaning and basing in complete.

The two units serve in different roles in Battlegroup; the Volksstrum are an infantry choice and form the core of your army while the HJ in a specialist unit. I wanted to have two platoons of Volksstrum and realized I only needed one or two bases of HJ since they are restricted.

I wanted to experiment with basing on this project; mostly because I am thinking about basing my new Russian’s one squad to a base. The Soviets I am using now are re-purposed from Flames of War and work fine, but it is easy to get the various squads and platoons mixed up. I also figured the Volksstrum would melt under fire and tracking casualties with a marker wouldn’t be an issue. I dropped the machine gun teams on round bases so they would be easy to spot and the platoon leaders went into medium bases.

Basing was done using a mix of various textured rocks to give them an urban feel and painted using the Vallejo Ruins & Rubble Paint Set. I also painted some JR miniatures Stalingrad ruin at the same time.

The Hitler Youth wore are dark blue uniform and painting them was pretty quick. I started with Vallejo Dark Grey and dry brushed them with Luftwaffe Blue.

Basing is ready.

The Volksstrum were a little more of a challenge because of the mix of clothing. Most were uniformed in Wehrmacht uniforms but many went to the front in their daily clothing with just an armband. I wanted to capture that mixed look so most of them got a mix of browns, blues and khaki to simulate civilian clothing. Looking back and had I know if was going to be so much extra work I would have stuck with the basic Vallejo German Uniform paint and skipped the civilian clothing.

Faces, hands, and other equipment were done in the usual way to maximize the look on the battle field.

HJ is ready for action.
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